15 random things about me (Leah Kramer)....

At some point in the 1970's I looked like this. I have to admit that I would still wear those pants today. And definitely those shoes.

For 35 years I thought I was the only person with thumbs that look like big toes until I read that Megan Fox has the same thumbs. Turns out it's called brachydactyly and 1 out of a 1,000 people have it. Thanks Internets!

This was my first computer. I played a lot of Pac-Man on this.

This was my second computer. This is how I learned to program. At age 9 I wrote many sophisticated and ground breaking programs in BASIC using this computer.

I've loved to make things by hand ever since I could hold a pair of safety scissors.

Somewhere along the line I think I inhaled a little too much glue because now I like to make stuff like this.

I went to college and studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Sadly, that's pretty much what computers looked like in the 1990s.

After college I worked as a programmer for eight years at two great companies.

In 2003 I started this website called Craftster and had the pleasure of working on it round the clock for the past 6.5 years until I sold it to a large internet company. I'm no longer with Craftster but I'm still it's #1 fan.

I used to have a little online shop where I sold crafts that I made called Craftastic.com. That lasted about a blink of an eye. Now I have other random stuff at Craftastic.com.

I was an organizer of a craft fair called Bazaar Bizarre for 6 years in a row. It's an awesome event that still happens every December.

I spent a year researching my genealogy on my Dad's side and tracked down a whole bunch of relatives I didn't know existed. Then my Dad and I organized a family reunion. This is my great grandfather. He was born in 1857 in a town called Peczenizyn. (It was Austria when he was born. Later it was Poland. And now it's Ukraine.)

I started up a brick and mortar store called Magpie with 4 friends and helped run it for 4 years. Then I sold my share of the store in 2008 to free up some time. I still love Magpie lots and lots and I'm glad it's still around.

I once wrote a book. It looks like this.

I have a new blog (as of May 25, 2010) called HelloAdorable.com.

hello adorable

I will now attest to the powers of gmail's spam filters:
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